Khamis, Februari 21, 2008

Januari...........(sesudah pruning)


Barisan pokok yang siap dibuat pruning & telah matang pucuknya

Membajak menaikkan batas antara pokok mangga (persiapan menanam serai)

Batas yang telah siap, tunggu me'rotor' (menggembur) sahaja. Tetapi kena tunggu musim hujan dahulu sebelum menanam. kalau tak, kena pasang sistem paip pengairan lah.


Lebat berbunga

Jambak bunga yang telah muncul. Alhamdulillah.. Syukur!!

Jambak bunga yang muncul di pangkal dahan yang teah dipotong


Putik baru yang telah muncul dijambak bunga.

Putik Mangga

kalau putik ini kekal, (tak gugur sebab hujan tiba2 atau dimamah lembu), Insyaallah dalam penghujung bulan April leh dituai

Isnin, Februari 18, 2008

It's been a while since last update for this blog, i've been away from my pc for about 3 weeks now and there's a lot of progress going on at the farm, prunning schedule has been completed, now it's a waiting time. Waiting for new shoots emerging from the cut down branches (or what's left of it). Actually, new shoots will emerges in 2 weeks (approx) time after every cutting or prunning, (if it's done in rainy season) but all of a sudden, came dry sunny season. Hmmm.. it's unpredictible when predicting weather nowadays, thanks to the global warming. But it's fine with me, the new shoots will come eventually. The sudden changes in wheather brings another good news... It's flowering time!!! Any trees that i've prunned during rainy season and have grown new shoots and leaves that have matured are now producing flowers.. Emmmmm.. How i miss that mango flower fragrance in the air... What a joy...

Actually, the leaves should have grown nicely, but thanks for the loose cattle that broke my fences creating havocs and ate the nice, yummy shoots.... i've to wait some more time. Hmmmm... 'lagi2 lembu!!' Nowadays, every morning routine i'm doing in my farm is patroling and checking the fences for traces of damages or 'leaks'. But news from the Dept. of Agriculture came to my relief. JPS (Dept of irrigation and drainage) will be doing maintenance for my perimeter drainage by making it deeper and bigger. And there goes my cattle woes. (i hope). But works will only commence on June (i think) as there are National Election coming soon. But on the mean time, the routine goes on.

Oklah... I think enough said already.. With all the sudden changes in language with broken english and lots of grammatical errors, i think that's all for today's post. Just brushing things up, it's been a while i've stop written and spoken in english. My 'otak pun dah berkarat' hahahahaha.... next time in bahasa like 'ususal' hehehehe....

p/s : Jgn mare kawan2.... ampun kalo tulisan berterabur.. hehehe. kalau salah tolong betulkan ye....


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